Play stupid games win stupid prizes police scanner

Play stupid games win stupid prizes police scanner

One man's stupid prize is another man's treasure. with towing fees) and being mocked by the Police on Facebook. . Play stupid games. or elsewhere, get the RSS feed, or listen via the media player above.) You wouldn't think you could win a Nobel Prize for showing that humans tend to make irrational decisions. . THALER: Especially if we announce it on the radio! .. across the park, and I see, “Oh, there's a softball game over there. Police & fire news from the Greater Cleveland area. . NE Ohio Scanner @ NEO_Scan Jul More . Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

Subtle morning to be hitting the building with a stick and throwing flower pots. The jacks slipped out and the jalopy is on top of his leg. Walgreen's, Dodge Street. Truncheon says intoxicated back male wearing a green coat is bothering customers, refusing to leave. Drove thru someones yard, may press hit police cruiser Motorcycle drove into tree, on verve, person possibly trapped.

Vehicle drove into a tree, caught on fire. International House of Pancakes, N 72nd Street. Staff is having a disturbance with two people who are refusing to pay. Fatal accident scene s th.

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"Protester" Blocking The Highway Gets His Ass Handed To Him

Play stupid games win stupid prizes police scanner -

And I discovered the existence of humans in the economy. So he was black. This entry was posted on July 29, at 8: Saying you have no sympathy is pathetic. Though I am sorry to learn a fellow rider lost his life via the thrill of the machine, his actions do not reflect the views of responsible riders like myself. Rush hour is over by that time.

Play stupid games win stupid prizes police scanner

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Play stupid games win stupid prizes police scanner

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Prize grab big prizes ever offer 790 FREE PORSCHE 911 258

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"Protester" Blocking The Highway Gets His Ass Handed To Him

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People Aren’t Dumb. The World Is Hard.

An off duty PO has just been shot in Chicago Immaturity and a powerful crotch rocket are a deadly combination. Funny, but when I comment on here it Play stupid games win stupid prizes police scanner asks my race. We need to outlaw these bikes so the senseless dying will stop.

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  • Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. See more of Campbell County Live...
  • One man's stupid prize is another man's treasure. with towing fees) and being mocked by the Police on...
  • People Aren’t Dumb. The World Is Hard. - Freakonomics Freakonomics
Play stupid games win stupid prizes police scanner


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  1. Richard Thaler, father of behavioral economics, has been an irritant to mainstream economists.

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