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Leger Holidays Extreme Excursions - Live Life on the Edge!

One of the most beautiful regions in the world, the San Francisco Bay Area is home to an abundance of breathtaking places. Imagine exploring San Francisco while a kite pulls you, a fly board propels you, a boat sails you, rolling through in a Zorb ball, or blasting on a jet boat. Xtreme Xcursions has it all in San Francisco and is the only place in the bay area for all extreme Sports. From the streets of Cabo San Lucas to the blue waters of the Cortez…..

Adventure awaits with these thrilling Caribbean experiences.

During every cruise, passengers have the opportunity to take a step outside their comfort zone, try something new and exciting, and, ultimately, choose adventure. The break from our regular routine allows us to become more courageous in our decisions, and the Caribbean is the perfect place to indulge that sense of adventure. No matter the magnitude of what gets your heart pumping, the Caribbean has adventure-seekers covered on all levels. Adrenaline-Packed Excursions Several ports offer zip-line excursions with the best options combining speed, scenery, and safety.