Is a temperature of 97.4 bad

Is a temperature of 97.4 bad

Hypothermia; that is the medical term for low body temperature. . When poor people cannot afford cozy homes and warm clothing, it is evident that their body. Dear Dr. Roach • I am an year-old female with an often low body temperature. I feel very warm, like I have a fever, but when I take my. A child's temperature usually averages from around °C (°F) in According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, a fever is.

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Is a temperature of 97.4 bad

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Is a temperature of 97.4 bad Sweepstake iphone xr price verizon

But Is a temperature of 97.4 bad, I would say to stay the course, because these are healthy habits that should be maintained indefinitely for the most part—the eating appropriate amounts of food, sleeping more, that sort of thing. Sure Hailey, low body temperatures can certainly contribute to the symptoms you mentioned. Denis Wilson December 14, at 2: Denis Wilson November 30, at 6: My father, sister, brother and aunty all have been diagnosed with underactive thryoid but my test come back normal.

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What is Normal Body Temperature? What is a Fever?

Is a temperature of 97.4 bad -

My body temp is usually I exercise pretty regularly and eat pretty well. Find Health Information Search entire library by keyword. My 28yr old wife has a low temp. My daughter had not been feeling well for the past year. Which one should be used? I have been to the ER because of low body temp and was told that there was nothing wrong with me.

Low Body Temperature

Is a temperature of 97.4 bad -

Could the h pylori be the cause of immune system dis regulation resulting in the low body temperature issues plus many other issues? Jane February 22, at 8: Or, it could be a reaction from an allergy to food or medicine.

At the urging of friends with thyroid issues I finally decided to have mine checked. Your doctor can call for free information about your situation. Melanie January 12, at 9:

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