Boral truexterior siding

Boral truexterior siding

Boral TruExterior™ Siding is like no other siding product on the market, offering a lower-maintenance, easier-to-install alternative to wood and other materials. Boral TruExterior Siding & Trim. My Product Samples (0 Items) states: All USA;. Cove/ Dutch Lap Siding View Details · Cove - Dutch Lap. filter1: System. Boral TruExterior® Siding & Trim is an entirely new category of exterior products, one that offers phenomenal performance, remarkable.

Boral truexterior siding -

All of these products will perform much better if they are vented using a rain screen application see detail. Hard surfaces like steps, patios and decks cause water to splash back on the skirt boards, siding and doors.

Click on image for larger detail. Paint is nearly vapor impermeable, in other words, water in either liquid or vapor form will not easily pass through it; this is what you want after all.

While you have improved the insulating value of the wall you have greatly reduced its potential to dry out once wet; wet wood leads to rot and decay.


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Boral truexterior siding -

Make sure water from the roof is directed away from the sidewall. Ask your builder what is right for your or stop by our store — just ask. The down side to this is older homes tend to be more drafty; the upside is they also move more air through the walls which allows drying. We sell inexpensive diverters that do the job.

The process of creating a rain screen in new construction is complicated. Unfortunately, standard and accepted residential building practices over the past 40 years have generally disregarded this important fact that wood likes to stay dry.

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  1. Have you ever looked around and wondered why the siding on old barns lasts so long and seems to hold paint until the pigment has totally faded, while at the same time the paint on your house is falling off and the trim is rotting only a few years after replacement — must be the paint or inferior wood; most likely, it is neither of those issues.

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