I can t see my ipod on my computer

I can t see my ipod on my computer

If you connect your iPod to your computer, and the device does not register as a you can see the contents of your iPod using Windows File Explorer on a PC or . When I plug my iPhone into my computer, nothing happens: no icon appears But what if iTunes doesn't recognise your iPhone, iPad or iPod?. Every time you plug your iPod into your computer, Windows tries to recognize the USB device and either assign it as a drive in Windows or launch the.

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I can t see my ipod on my computer Shower game prizes ideas I can t see my ipod on my computer

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I can t see my ipod on my computer

If you do not see the file listed here, then you may be in the wrong folder location. It should look like Tried all the solutions Apple offered but this wasn't one of them.

Any ideas as to why?? Connect your device to your computer with a different USB cable. Then press and hold the "Menu" and center buttons at the same time until you see the Apple logo.

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My iPhone Won't Connect To iTunes! The Fix for PC & Mac.

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  • When I plug my iPhone into my computer, nothing happens: no icon appears But what...
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  1. Problems with the Apple Mobile Device Driver are often the cause of issues in which Windows is unable to recognize an iPod.

  2. You can use your iPod as a removable drive, just as you would use a thumb drive or an external storage device, with your computer.

  3. Every time you plug your iPod into your computer, Windows tries to recognize the USB device and either assign it as a drive in Windows or launch the appropriate software -- usually iTunes.

  4. The steps differ depending on if you downloaded iTunes from the Microsoft Store or from Apple.

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