Should i let my daughter wear thongs

Should i let my daughter wear thongs

I agree with all of your possible “reasons” for your daughter wanting to wear a thong, but it sounds like you are concerned that her thinking about her sexuality is. Some said they'd see it as an indication that their daughter was thinking about having sex and wouldn't ever buy She could through. -- My DD (dear daughter) can wear thongs when she uses her own money to buy them. I'm a father of a 10 year old and my daughter wears thongs. I think you should let the girl wear what she wants, for God sakes, it's just under.

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: Should i let my daughter wear thongs

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My daughters surprise 13th birthday gift! Should i let my daughter wear thongs

Should i let my daughter wear thongs -

My mom rolled her eyes and bought me them without even asking. Thongs are much more likely to cause a UTI because they rub you the wrong way, literally, and transfer bacteria to the urogenital area.

If your daughter is too young to have this undergarment on, let her feel good in her ordinary underwear. My sisters were hurt much the same way. Try your hardest to have open, honest and mature as possible discussions with her and you will have so many fewer troubles in the future. Teens and Thongs September 24, 0 found this helpful.

Should i let my daughter wear thongs -

When linking please provide a description of the discussion you'd like to have about the link you're sharing. Seriously though, big bottomed ladies gotta have our thongs.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. It's all about comfort. There are other panties she can wear that aren't "Granny" panties. Please enter a valid email address. I don't think that you should let your daughter do what ever she wants and become whatever people want her to be.

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American parenting needs an overhaul. Moderaters have discretion to remove comments as needed. Besides if they were truly her friends, they wouldn't be making fun of her in the first place. In grade 9 at least at my niece's school they are kind of a sex symbol thing.

I think the "Thong Song" had a lot to do with it. Thongs were definitely used as a sex symbol back when I was in school.

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  1. So, you're asking what is the ideal age to let your daughter fit herself in that thong underwear?

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