County sweepstakes

County sweepstakes

Lottery, Contest & Sweepstakes Scams. Congratulations! You may receive a certified check for up to $, U.S. CASH! One Lump sum! Tax Free! Your odds. On Thursday, the Davidson County Board of Commissioners discussed how to handle sweepstakes businesses in the Cornman. With the LIVE UNITED - GIVE UNITED Sweepstakes, United Way requests that all companies running a United Way of Portage County Campaign and all.

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County to discuss sweepstakes games

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Lexington has enacted a moratorium that prevents permits for these businesses while County sweepstakes has adopted ordinances that specifically disallow the operations within the city limits.

Commissioner Zak Crotts said he was concerned with robberies occurring and only one Davidson County Sheriff's Office deputy being in the area. That'll be up to the new sheriff and law enforcement to decide whether they want to try to go in and shut them down, not us.

Guy Cornman, the county's planning director, said staff has County sweepstakes approached by at least one commissioner requesting the staff look into either eliminating the sweepstakes businesses or adding more limitations as to where they can be located.

County Manager Zeb Hanner said that when he worked for Archdale, there were concerns about robberies and parking County sweepstakes complaints about smoking.

According to a map provided by Cornman, there are more than a dozen operations in the county and about five inquiries to start new sweepstakes businesses. There's County sweepstakes desire to put one at what was formerly the Crossroads Center gas station near the corner of Arnold Road and Highway 8.

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County sweepstakes

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  1. On Thursday, the Davidson County Board of Commissioners discussed how to handle sweepstakes businesses in the county.

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County discusses sweepstakes businesses - News - The Dispatch - Lexington, NC

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